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  • Fifth Season Magazine/Ecological Art REVIEW

    Ecological Art

    Art which engages in a dialogue with natural physical forces and with cyclical biological processes, and which is intended largely as a demonstration of how these forces and processes work./Edward Lucie-Smith/The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms

    "Ecological Art: ART which first appear c.1968 and which is concerned with natural processes", The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art and Artists, Revised, extended and updated edition 1994, Consulting Editor Herbert Read

  • Ecoartpedia FALL 2022 presents..."A thought in a haiku form" by Nohra Corredor/2022

    'The Artist as Sensor'
    A Call to ART across Time

  • Ecoartstamp by Nohra Corredor/2022

  • Ecological Art Review Fall 2022 Issue presents ecological art as a method to grasp the 'Artist as Sensor'. It doesn't mean that ecological art is the only method, but rather it is a method that I have developed to reveal the essence of The Artist for me"
  • Nohra Corredor
    Publisher and General Editor/September, 2022

  • Videoart-haiku/The Heraclitus Effect in Videoart-haiku

  • Fragmented Materiality

  • Silent Materiality

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