ALMANAC Year 2023 Special Edition presents:

Letter from the Nohra Corredor, Editor:

YEARS TO REMEMBER..."The Process of Recollection" featuring Artist Pablo Picasso Year 2023 In Memoriam (1973 -2023) Celebrating a Life, as well as Nobel Laurate Eric R. Kandel 2000 for his work in 'brain plasticity' in the emerging field of Neuroaesthetics: the special relationship between viewer and art (ArtSense).Researchers are studying the impact of artworks in the brain during outward viewing and inward contemplation mode which permit us to focus and to access our most personal thoughts and feelings. As Kandel says "...images that challenge, like PICASSO's, recruit viewers into the creative process with the artist. The human brain is capable of taking incomplete clues and reconstructing fairly coherent images. We have a tremendous ability to fill in details that are missing", and in Pablo Picasso's own words "The picture lives only through the human being who is looking at it"

Artist Pablo Picasso
50th Anniversary commemoration of the artist's death (1973-2023)

The artworld year-long commemorations of Pablo Picasso (in his own words) will take place in the United States and around the world ending in December with an international symposium in Paris.

ARCO 2023 Madrid/SPAIN presents
  • "REFUGIO"/2023 Eugenio Ampudia Homage to Pablo Picasso's GUERNICA

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