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Homage to Antonio Damasio
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  • 2022 UPDATE: Excerpt of Antonio Damasio's "FEELING & KNOWING" Making Minds Conscious BOOK REVIEW by Jim Holt/ January 2, 2022/ The New York Times Book Review:

    "Intimately familiar though we are with it, consciousness confronts us with a mystery...Put with brutal succinctness, Damasio brief goes like this: Mental activity consists of a stream of "images" that map aspects of the world around us. But these images by themselves, cannot be conscious. For that, they must be related to a
  • perspective, an "owner," a self - this, after all, is what subjectivity means..." Jim Holt/The New York Times Book Review/January 2, 2022

  • What is the ECOSPHERE A Note by Nohra Corredor/2019

    Following Antonio Damasio, homeostasis as a collection of phenomena of mechanisms of life itself and its regulation, is central to the development of a beautiful instrument he calls 'a cultural mind'. I visualize the ECOSPHERE as where our feelings, consciousness, memory, language, and creative/complex processes reside, where images integrate with other images forming our "cultural minds."

    "The exceptional status of each human being derives from the unique significance of suffering and flourishing in the context of our remembrances of the past and of the memories we have constructed of the future we incessantly anticipate"
  • Antonio Damasio "The Strange Order of Things: Life, Feeling and the Making of Cultures"/2018

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