Ecoartpedia 2017 Special Edition presents: Ecological Art REVIEW/2017...A DECADE CELEBRATION...HOMAGES to Joseph Cornell, Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Klee, and Ansel Adams

  • "TIME" to Joseph Cornell,1996/Essay by Nohra Corredor and to
  • "SPACE" in Georgia O'Keeffe Art/Essay by Nohra Corredor

    Ecological Art REVIEW 2006 - 2016
    "Constructing a river of consciousness"

    Earth as a Planet...Earth Day 2017


    Points of Reference

    Excerpt from "TIME" by Nohra Corredor/1996

    "...It comes to mind, at the end of the Millennium and in the context of 'Time and the art of Joseph Cornell', to reflect on Kant: "Everything goes past like a river and the changing taste and the various shapes of men make the whole game uncertain and delusive. Where do I find fixed points in Nature, which cannot be moved by man, and where I can indicate the markers by the shore to which he ought to adhere?" (Written by hand in his own printed copy of the "Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime").

    Joseph Cornell spent all his life observing "the passing of Time", he wanted to capture it, to measure it, to mark the moments of his aesthetic path. He left for Art History, Artists and future generations, a "Virtual Reality" of a thought-provoking experience of Time's processes, associations ("network of correspondences") and interconnections ("vases communicants"). His art is beautiful, sublime, harmonious!..."/Nohra Corredor

    "One seems to have more sky than earth in one's world." Georgia O'Keeffe

    Excerpt from "SPACE" in Georgia O'Keeffe Art/Essay by Nohra Corredor

    O'Keeffe's nature paths are like doorsteps onto the world of SPACE, of entrance into the eons of time. And she indeed entered those paths with a magnifying glass. Once the depth of her flowers and 'landprints' are settled in our imagination, matter and form come alive and fill with life. We are now fully exposed to the 'harmony' of her visual composition, receiving echoes of resonant waves against the horizon, of the melodic Nature's cycles kept in the fragility of a petal or in the crispness of a stalk./Nohra Corredor/


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