Welcome to this Special Edition of Ecological Art REVIEW dedicated to artist Eugenio Ampudia: Concert for the Biocene.

On June 22, 2020 a select audience of 2,292 plants, seated on velvety seats at the Hall of the Gran Theater del Liceu in Barcelona, Spain, absorbed the harmonies along with their photosynthesis, of the sound of Giacomo Puccini's "Crissantemi" masterfully performed by the UceLi String Quartet.

  • Eugenio Ampudia introduced a proposal for a paradigm shift..."At a time when a significant part of humanity has been confined to limited spaces and has been forced to give up mobility, nature has moved forward to occupy the spaces we have taken from it. It has done so with its own cadence, barely appearing again, with its patient biological cycle. Can the concept of empathy be extended to the relationship with other species? Let's start with ART and MUSIC, in a big theater, inviting nature." Eugenio Ampudia/June 22, 2020/Barcelona, Spain

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