Pablo Picasso's IN-MEMORIAM (1973-2023) year-long commemorations will take place around the world during the Year 2023 ending in December with an international symposium in Paris.
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    ARTE ECOLOGICO is pleased to share Sensors Media Almanac 2023 Special Edition "The Process of Recollection" keeping-in-mind the National Museum of Colombia EXHIBITION of Pablo Picasso in Bogota/May - August 2000.

    (In Spanish)
    PICASSO en Bogotá. Mientras vivía conquistó a todas las mujeres que tuvo a su alcance. Después de 27 años de fallecido, Pablo Picasso uno de los hombres más geniales del siglo XX vino a Colombia y la sedujo. Una asistencia de 120 mil personas al Museo Nacional lo demostró. Ahí fueron exhibidas más de 40 obras originales, entre pinturas, dibujos, una escultura y un telón del gran artista. La exposición fue curada exclusivamente para Colombia./Revista Semana

    (In English)
    PICASSO in Bogota. While he was alive he conquered all the women within his reach. After 27 years of his death, Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest men of the 20th Century came to Colombia and seduced her. An attendance of 120 thousand people at the National Museum of Colombia demonstrated it. There, more than 40 original works were exhibited, including paintings, drawings, a sculpture and a curtain by this great artist. The Exhibition was curated exclusively for Colombia./Revista Semana

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