YEAR 2022
  • "Possibilities" Ecoartstamps 2022 Exhibition celebrates the Silver Anniversary of Ecological Art (1996 - 2022)

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  • ECOART  CALENDARAFFINITY Newsletter/Ecological Arts Issues 1997-2023'The Artist as Sensor'/ArtSense/Ecoartstamps Gallery 2022
    Ideology of Time/Notes by Nohra Corredor JUNE 2012 - 2023Perspective TIME Processes REVIEW 2018 ecoartstampINTIMATE LIBRARIES Possibilities of Notes/Ecoartpedia
    Gallery Ecoartstamps 2017-2020 ExhibitionEcological Art REVIEW FALL 2022 EditionYEAR 2023 Sensors Media
    Geographic Positioning Public Art-g2pa2023YEAR 2022 Ecoartstamps Special Edition "Possibilities""Silent Materiality" 2022/ECOARTPARK Fall 2022
    Fragmented Materiality/Ecoartsphere REVIEW 2020 - 2023 IssuesEcological Art REVIEW 2022/Ecoartpedia 2022Jason A. Hoelscher-ART AS INFORMATION ECOLOGY/2021/Book Review
    Ecological Art Field Ecological Art REVIEW 2022Ecological Art and Poetry/ Video-art Haiku by Nohra CorredorGlobal PERSONAL-POETIC Art
    Ecological Art REVIEW 2017MY Ecoartsphere 1996-2022/Homage to Antonio Damasio"Ecoartpark" - Fifth Season Magazine 2021 - 2022 Special Editions
    Earth Day 2022 - 2023/"Voices of Time" by Nohra CorredorEcological Art "From Above"/Ecological Art REVIEWEcoartstamps 2022 "Possibilities"/Bookhuggers Selection/YEAR 2022
    Process of Approximation/Ecological Art REVIEW 2012 IssueEarth Day_Ecological ArtworldCOMBINED ARTS/Ecological Arts Project 1996-2023
    Ecological Art 1996-2020/REVIEW Winter 2016 ISSUEYEAR 2021 Ecoartpedia Special EditionEcological Art REVIEW 2021
    Winter 2021 "On Time" Silver Celebration (1996-2021)"Events" eBookplates 2021/Ecological Art Historical ViewEarth Day 2021/Ecological Art 1996 - 2021 Online Exhibitions
    Portrait-Earth 2021/Ecoartpedia 2021PORTRAIT EARTH and Ecological Art"Altitude and Nature"/ALTURE 2021 ISSUE
    G2PA-Geographic Positioning PUBLIC  ART3Dimages/G2PA/Geographic Positioning Public Art/LINKSArt From Above/Digital Positioning Ecological Arts/Winter 2020 Issue
    Ecoartsphere Play to Ecological Art TagsYEAR 2020 Bookhuggers Day-FALL 2020 ISSUE"ecoartstamps" Ecoartpedia 2017
    Ecological Art  REVIEW 2015Public Nature/CO-GEN Press Release/Toronto, CANADA"ADDITION" ECOARTSplus/COMBINED ART
    FIFTH SEASON MAGAZINE/ECOARTSplus/Combined ArtFIFTH SEASON MAGAZINE/My RecommendationsECOARTPEDIA Digital Ecological Art Library
    FIFTH SEASON Philosophical Perspective/Nohra Corredor Interview (1997)