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    Ecological Art FIELD Impressions

  • Field of View-Time Perspective

  • “…But I know that the mask will become transparent and precious, not like crystal but like water” Octavio Paz.

    “A Call to Art” Photograph
    Essay-Poem by
  • Nohra Corredor

  • “Everything goes past like a river and the changing taste and the various shapes of men make the whole game uncertain and delusive. Where do I find fixed points of nature, which cannot be moved by man, and where I can indicate the markers by the shore to which he ought to adhere?” (Kant’s Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime).

    A call to art. Why now? And if it is not now, then when? It is a question of the relationship of the aesthetic, the relevant and the ethical.

    “A Call to Art” photograph is not what the image in the photograph can tell you. It is what I can tell you about the image: it was taken on October 24, 2021 at 11:11 am during a Tour visit to The Mount, Edith Wharton’s home in Lenox, MA. An instant to remember…A first impression, time and memory combined:
  • Time and Place...the image as event.

    Upon my return to my studio, I sat down to write a book review for
  • Jason A. Hoelscher’s “Art as Information Ecology” My first impression: his concern with the process of search -which after Google’s tool- is an overdue reflection on the science of Art. In-formation (process) moves, goes slowly, making a difference that makes the difference (G Bateson). The artwork “creates a difference that reveals itself slowly” (J.A.Hoelscher).

    Today, I bring once again to our ecological art audience the Octavio Paz quote related to the subject of
  • TIME and its impressions on the big structures and processes of nature and place: the appearance and essence of larger ecological interactions. (Affinity Newsletter)

    By Nohra Corredor

    “But I know that the mask will become transparent and precious, not like crystal but like water.”
  • Octavio Paz

    In 1998 I used the same quote to introduce “Voices of Time”, a bilingual poem, to be read at the first POETRY SLAM at the Village of Greenport and which I am now going to present as a window to the subject of “Ecological Art Field Impressions” in this essay.

    At that time, reporter Liz Wood of The Suffolk Times wrote about the event, quoted my words: “Poetry for me gives a window to my mind and feelings” and Wood further observed…A confluence of rhythms and cadences occurred as her homage to Octavio Paz unfolded in Spanish, while English-speakers followed in simultaneous lines such as these: “If we could be listened. They would hear us in the song, shouts, murmurs, cries. The laughs, the noises, the silences, and words. If we could be listened to.”

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