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    Ecoartpedia 2015 celebrates EARTH DAY 2005-2015 - a decade of ideas into action. Over the last 10 years
  • Fifth Season Magazine has published Special Issues dedicated to EARTH DAY. EARTH DAY 2015 is honoring the artists and ideas which contributed to make possible 'ideas into action'. Welcome to our decade-long ecological art celebration/Nohra Corredor/Ecoartpedia artist/2015

    "Ecological Art assimilates the 'poetic imagination', incorporates it among its formal elements, and as a result, ecological artworks are impregnated with poetic images of the space/home we inhabit./Nohra Corredor/1997
  • What is the Poetic Image

  • Aesthetics of Transiency
  • "The TIME addressed by some of the ecological video artists refers to one of the natural processes found in nature. Ecological Video Art, an 'Art of Time', uses the ephemeral as one of the characteristics of the processes of time. The ephemeral is attached to time while passing, existing in the present, and becoming permanent in the personal and collective memories of human beings over short or long periods of time depending mainly on how intense it is perceived while passing/Nohra Corredor/Ecological Video-art/2006
  • What is Ecological Video-art/The Ephemeral and the Permanent

  • VIDEO-ART HAIKU: an Introduction

  • Ecological Art REVIEW 2006 Issue

  • What is Video-art Haiku
  • Welcome to Earth Day 2005-2015/Ideas into Action/An Ecological Art Celebration from Long Island, New York

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