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  • The ARTIST as SENSOR, ArtSense, and A Call to ART across TIME/ON-LINE Exhibition/Ecoartpedia 2022 Special Edition

  • Ecological Art from Above Tokyo/Portrait-Earth/Geographic Positioning Public Art/FIFTH SEASON GALLERY 2021 G2PA online Exhibition

  • Earth Day 2020 ecoartstamp 50th Anniversary 1970 - 2020

  • Art from Above/2020/Audience of One(2009) My ECOARTSPHERE A Decade Celebration 2009-2019 ecoartstamp

    Ecoartpedia 2016 presents
  • Earth Day and the Artworld

  • Ecoartpedia SUMMER 2015 Edition introduces:


    Soren Dahlgaard/2013 Venice Biennale REVIEW by Prof. Else Marie Bukdahl:

    VENICE BIENNALE 2013/"The Interplay between the Local and the Global" in the project in the Maldives National Pavilion

    STATEMENT by Prof. Else Marie Bukdahl, University of Aalborg, Denmark and former Rector of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen

    Excerpt from review/article on Soren Dahlgaard contribution at Venice Biennale 2013:

    "Visual arts have always been interested in interpreting and visualizing nature's many changing manifestations and the complicated, organic growth processes that have created them.

    However, it was not until the 1960s that Environmental and Ecological Art began to appear. Robert Smithson (1938-73) and Robert Morris (1931-) established Land Art, which consisted of monumental interventions in or reconstructions of the natural surroundings. A number of other artists, for example Michael Singer (1945-) and Alan Sonfist (1946-), were occupied forming the landscape from the standpoint of nature itself, with a new ecological awareness. Joseph Beuys (1921-86) also created works from an ecological perspective, which he called social structures.

    These artists have together with their colleagues created the premises for what later was called sustainable art or green art. They have shown how art, architecture and design can innovatively address environmental, social, political and economic concerns, as well as provide solutions that promote regenerative outcomes.

    After these artists had embraced ecological problems and taken them into the world of art, increasing numbers of artists have followed their lead for example, Rosalie Gascoigne, Maria Michails, Erwin Timmers and Nohra Corredor."


    Streaming Museum presents contemporary-themed exhibitions of international fine arts, pop culture and cross-disciplinary perspectives to a global audience through an expanding network of big screens on 7 continents, partnering cultural and commercial centers, and Since 2008 Streaming Museum exhibitions have been viewed by millions of people in over 65 locations around the world. Streaming Museum is part of the inspiration-and-information-with-social-value economy.
    The museum opened on January 29, 2008, exhibiting Good Morning Mr. Orwell (1984) precisely at the same time on one public screen on each of 7 continents: Johannesburg, South Africa; Antarctica, Jubany Scientific Base of Argentina; Seoul, Korea; Melbourne, Australia; London, UK; Dallas, Texas; Montevideo, Uruguay; as well as Second Life.

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  • STREAMING MUSEUM 2013-2014 Locations and Programs

    CORNELL UNIVERSITY JOHNSON MUSEUM OF ART/January 5 - June 8, 2014 presents:

    Contemporary artists and their environment
  • Johnson Museum Of Art/Cornell University Museum/Video Looped/February 23 - March 23, 2014


  • FLOATING ISLAND TO TRAVEL AROUND MANHATTAN ISLAND BY ROBERT SMITHSON/Watch the video of the construction and realization of Robert Smithson's Floating Barge


  • EARTH ART 2014 by Ephemeral Art Curator John K. Grande


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