ECOARTPEDIA 2015-2016-2017 SUMMER GP-PA Editions:

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    Excerpt from "Interactive Excellence" by Edwin Schlossberg

    "...WITH YOUR UNAIDED EYES you can look into a pond and see clear water. With a magnifying glass you look into the same water and see thousands of small organisms. With a microscope you see bacteria and detect viruses, and with the most sophisticated tunneling electron microscope you can see the atoms that make up the water and the creatures in it. Each level of magnification enables us to compose a story about what we are seeing and then relate it to other levels of observation. Eventually this process affects our decision to take a swim. The more we are aware of our role in each level of observation, perception, and conception, the more we become responsible for our success and can truly enjoy the entire show of our lives."
  • Edwin Schlossberg
    INTERACTIVE EXCELLENCE, Library of Contemporary Thought

    Excerpt from "SPACE" in Georgia O'Keeffe Art/Essay by Nohra Corredor

    "O'Keeffe's nature paths are like doorsteps onto the world of SPACE, of entrance into the eons of time. And she indeed entered those paths with a magnifying glass. Once the depth of her flowers and 'landprints' are settled in our imagination, matter and form come alive and fill with life. We are now fully exposed to the 'harmony' of her visual composition, receiving echoes of resonant waves against the horizon, of the melodic Nature's cycles kept in the fragility of a petal or in the crispness of a stalk." from "SPACE" in Georgia O'Keeffe art
  • Essay by Nohra Corredor

    Welcome to our Global Personal-Poetic Art(GP-PA) Summer Special Editions:

  • Jane Goodall "SEEDS OF HOPE...Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants" Foreword by Michael Pollan

  • World Environment DAY June 5/2015

    WED 2015 EVENTS AT:
  • Greening the Blue/Theme/WED2015

  • Ecological Art REVIEW 2015 Edition

  • Fifth Season Magazine/SUMMER 2015 ISSUE

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