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Rocky Coast, East Marion, Long Island, NY

On-line Exhibition

To celebrate Earth Day 50th Anniversary (1970 -2020) we invite our viewers to enjoy and share this journey with our ECOARTSTAMPS Exhibition reflecting on the PLACE we call our home from a TIME perspective (2015 - 2020)

In 2019, Ecoartstamps Gallery Exhibitions introduced ecoartstamps related to our planet ecosystems' layers from an ECOSPHERE Perspective showing the essence of the place we live in.

A "Decade Celebration 2009 - 2019/The New Agrarian Scene Women" Ecoartstamp celebrated fourteen (14) extraordinary women from the North Fork, Long Island featured in the EcoVideo-tour Documentary/2009/Interviews

(In Alphabetical order)

  • Nohra Corredor

  • Sylvia Earle

  • Bob Kuhne

  • Marla Milne

  • Bob Mueller

  • Barbara Roux

  • Peter Stevens

  • Adam Straus

  • Robert Strimban

    Visit Fall 2020 online EXHIBITION dedicated to YEAR 2020

  • Ecoartsphere REVIEW 2020 ISSUE: Fragmented Materiality/ ecoartstamp by Nohra Corredor

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