Ecoartstamps Gallery invites viewers to a journey with artist Bob Mueller's work "Approaching Autumn, Peconic Herb Farm"
  • Summer 2020 Issue where the Peconic River meets a pond...reflecting on the essence of Time/Place/Nature of the PLACE he calls "home" in Long Island, NY.
    The painting is part of the Art Exhibit "Oil & Water"/Paintings and Monotypes by Bob Mueller Summer 2020 - April 2021 at
  • Cutchogue New Suffolk Free Library

    The ecoartstamp by Nohra Corredor/2020 is part of "JUST IN TIME" Ecoartstamps Gallery Exhibition celebrating Earth Day 50th Anniversary/1970 - 2020


    "The inspiration for most landscape painters is the natural beauty that surrounds us. As we feebly attempt to capture the essence of God's creation we are reminded just how fragile it truly is. This is the only planet we have to live on and I rejoice in myriad expressions of beauty that can be found, not only here on the North Fork of Long Island, but in countless other places I have been. I feel honored to have my work selected for the Ecoartstamps Gallery in such a landmark year to celebrate Earth Day's fiftieth anniversary.

    My early love of art was fostered through visits to my grandmother house where she owned a collection of minor old masters. These paintings were the legacy of my grandfather, an art dealer who died when I was six months old and from whom, I believe, inherited his connoisseur's eye. When I was older, regular trips to the city's museums honed this inheritance to a high standard. Particular artistic inspirations include such great American impressionists as William Merritt Chase and Willard Metcalf, and I am wholly dedicated to the realist tradition. Other teachers and friends that have inspired me include Irwin Greenberg, John Manship, Sam Adoquei, Furman Finck, Chris Blossom and Don Demers.

    I derive my greatest joy when capturing the bluffs, beaches, farms and marshlands of the East End of Long Island in my work. In 2008, I shifted my focus from plein air painting to studio work. The result was that my painting, "Passing Shower -- Cutchogue" was selected for the Salmagundi Club Purchase Prize in that organization's 2008 Centennial Thumb Box Exhibition. The honor was doubly significant, as I served as Chief Curator of the Club's collection since 2007, a position that also placed me on the Board of Directors of that historic Institution, one of the oldest artist organizations in America. I am proud to have played a part of advancing that creative environment through thoughtful exhibitions and initiating group activities founded on the Club’s core traditions.

    My art and commentary have appeared in American Artist Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Review, Sculpture Review and numerous exhibition catalogues. For the past decade I have embarked on an exploration of printmaking, particularly monotypes, winning numerous honors in the process." Bob Mueller/Ecoartstamps Gallery 2020 "Just in Time" Exhibition
  • Earth Day 50th Anniversary Celebration

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