Fifth Season Magazine/Summer 2022 ISSUE

Barbara Stoutenburgh STATEMENT:

"That great picture of the horseshoe crab takes me back to the days that my late husband Paul and I worked together helping young as well as old (at heart) understand more about the world around them, whether it flew, swam, crawled - no matter - people knew more about it after being with us for a short while.
I always loved being with those who came to our home to see where and how we lived, raised the animals, planted a garden putting much of it up in the cellar for later. One day we enjoyed the company of 50 people who wandered around and enjoyed time with us. Some are still asking to do it again.
As in the city where we enjoyed sharing parts and pieces of our life, such as horseshoe crabs and all sorts of other things on those busy days together. It was a busy, happy, exciting life for us and are thankful for your relationship and all those who in the meetings appreciated a great part of our wonderful life." Barbara Stoutenburgh, May 1, 2022


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