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A John Cage Centennial opening February 1, 2012 encompasses a range of media-video, images, scores, music, interviews and text that feature John Cage and contemporary multi-media artists he has influenced.

Among the highlights of the program is the premiere of a video composed for the Tribute that includes a collection of music and scores by composers presented in "Notations 21", a book by Theresa Sauer that was inspired by John Cage's book "Notations" (1969) and two exclusive screenings of "The Revenge of the Dead Indians: In Memoriam John Cage"(1993) by filmmaker Henning Lohner, sponsored by Mode Records, will take place in February 2012

Streaming Museum online program will be featured February 1 to 29 by the Composers Now Festival, founded by internationally known composer/conductor, Tania Leon.

The Festival, now in its third season, is a collaboration of cultural centers throughout New York City who present performances of work by innovative contemporary composers and discussions with the composers following the performances.
The "Notations 21" video features interviews, music and notation by composers in Sauer'book:

Karen Rosenbaum
Joseph Pignato
Michael J. Schumacher
John Kannenberg
Chris Chalfant

Also included, the opportunity to view and hear scores by composers around the world such as Jennifer Walshe, Makoto Nomura, Halim El-Dabh, Takayuki Rai, Guilliermo Gregorio, Rajesh Mehta, Leon Schidlowsky, and Karlheinz Stockhausen, Earle Brown and others.

Artist-inventor Tom Shannon has curated video artworks for the program including "Sea-Tails", 1983, a film installation by Jackie Matisse, David Tudor, Hillary Davies; and the premiere of a new work by Tom Kovachevich.

Among the multi-media artists to be featured are: Cage collaborators, Emanuel Pimenta and Joel Chadabe; ADACHI Tomomi, Phil Dadson, Leslie Flanigan, Richard Garet, Martha Mooke, Marcin Ramocki, Phillip Stearns, Stephen Vitiello, Monika Weiss, and others.

A John Cage Centennial Tribute at will be on view throughout 2012.
  • The official John Cage website

    Streaming Museum is a new hybrid museum launched January 29, 2008 that presents multi-media exhibitions in cyberspace and public space on 7 continents, and at partnering cultural centers.

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    March 2010


    "HD Traffic", 2009 by John F. Simon, Jr.--"Lagoglyphs", 2009 by Edwardo Kac

    Streaming Museum is pleased to announce the opening of "The Poetics of Code" an exhibition of artwork by two pioneer contemporary artists--"HD Traffic"/John F. Simon, Jr. and "Lagoglyphs" by Eduardo Kac. The exhibition can be viewed March 15 - May 15 at Streaming Museum and throughout a global network of public spaces.

    Code lies at the core of both works as method and meaning. In "HD Traffic", Simon built with software code an architectural Mondrian-inspired work designed to integrate real-time traffic data flow.
    Kac'series of lagoglyphs artworks, reference and expand upon his controversial genetically altered Alba the GFP Bunny 2000. The real-time animations, continuously flowing and reconfiguring themselves, place emphasis on the generative mutability of writing and the encoded nature of life.

    For information on public locations, the artists and the artworks, and to view the exhibition, go to

    Streaming Museum is sponsored by FJC---A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds, and the J.F. Kaplan Fund, and is a member of the International Urban Screens Association

    Streaming Museum is a new hybrid museum that presents real-time exhibitions in cyberspace and public space on seven continents. Launched on January 29, 2008, its ongoing program of multi-media exhibitions is produced in New York City in collaboration with international cultural, educational, and public centers; artists, curators and visionary creators. The Streaming Museum was inspired by Nam June Paik who in the 1970s envisioned the Internet, predicting an "information superhighway" as an open and free medium for imagination and exchange of cultures.

    Exhibition Opening March 15,2010/The Poetics of Code: John F. Simon, Jr. and Eduardo Kac

    John F. Simon Jr.'s "HD Traffic" 2009 and Eduardo Kac's "Lagoglyphs 2009", online and global locations in public spaces through April.


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