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Duke University Press@Duke Press UPDATE:

"Thank you to Nohra Corredor of Ecological Art Review, for this insightful & intensive review of my book Art as Information Ecology: Artworks, Artworlds, and Complex Systems Aesthetics!" (out now from @DukePress/11:19 am November 12, 2021) Tweeted by Jason Hoelscher

Duke University Press release of
  • ART AS INFORMATION ECOLOGY by Jason A. Hoelscher/October 2021 is a welcome addition to the subject of Art Systems.

    In the review of Hoelscher's book in Fifth Season Magazine/Winter2022 REVIEW Issue, editor
  • Nohra Corredor invites audiences to consider the background conceptual approach to artworks, artworlds and complex systems aesthetics addressed by Hoelscher.

    The forthcoming book review entitled
  • The Birth of a QUESTION in the Age of Infinite Categories
  • brings to mind Walter Benjamin's 1936 German essay "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction". Here Benjamin offers the insight that the allegorist extracts elements from life or art, isolating them from their function there, and then combines them into a new work of art (Ann Gibson, 1996).

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