Sunday, September 12th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Back by popular request because it was a sensational hit--the North Fork Foodie Tour! Several new locations for you to explore. Some not usually open to the public.
The North Fork tradition of farming has continued and expanded. Now it’s taken on yet another life as artisans have begun to produce distinctive foods and explore methods of sustainable agriculture. And that is why the North Fork Reform Synagogue is hosting its fourth annual North Fork Foodie Tour on Sunday, September 12th.
This year Foodie Tour welcomes a special advisory committee:

John Ross, chef, cookbook author and food columnist for Suffolk Times and Tom Schaudel of A Mano Restaurant and formerly of Jedediah Hawkins.

Corporate support for this event is provided, in part, by Capital One Bank and Suffolk County National Bank.
So easy to participate! Just pick up your map and guide ahead of the tour date at:

Gallery M in Greenport
Complement the Chef in Southold
Cecily’s Love Lane Gallery in Mattituck
Barth’s Pharmacy in Riverhead
South Fork folks take the tour on Hampton Jitney.
Get your guide and map on line at; by mail from the North Fork Reform Synagogue at P.O. Box 1625 in Southold (11971).
Tour map will be available the day of the tour at Charnew’s Farm [Peconic Land Trust] on Youngs Ave. in Southold and at each tour location. With your map in hand and a description of each of the venues, arrange your own self-guided tour.

If it’s cheese you desire, Catapano Dairy Farm is the place to go. Small and family operated, it raises goats and makes fresh milk cheeses, yogurts, fudge and goat milk skincare products.

For naturally grown vegetables of all kinds, particularly the heirloom tomatoes of every color and shape and Asian vegetables for the best stir fry you can imagine, visit Sang Lee Farms. Herbs, flowers and baby greens also delight.

Don’t miss Satur Farms-- New York City’s most discerning chefs use their heirloom tomatoes, delicious mesclun and succulent herbs. Satur Farms, owned by chef Eberhard Müller and his wife Paulette Satur, is dedicated to growing the finest vegetables and culinary ingredients. It began when they purchased their original farm on the North Fork of Long Island in 1997, with the intention of growing some vegetables and herbs for Chef Müller's restaurant. Colleagues in New York City asked if they might be able to buy their produce, and the farm as a business became a reality.

If you have never seen chickens roaming free, you will be fascinated by the DeKalb Gold chickens at Ty Llwyd Farm. They not only exercise within their yards, but they make nests in the earth outside their coops. Children will love to measure eggs in an old-fashioned measuring device. An active farm since 1870, Ty Llwyd also raises ducks and geese; and grows vegetables and unusual varieties of potatoes.

North Fork Egg Farm in Southold has humanely raised free range hens fed organic grain and they graze on untreated, unfertilized pastureland. Tourists will be able to gather their own eggs and enjoy an explanation about the different chicken breeds and the way these chickens are raised.

Luxuriate in the pungent scent of lavender at Lavender By the Bay where you can find fresh-cut and dried lavender and sundries made from lavender. Try everyone’s favorite--honey made with the help of bees feasting on the lavender. You may buy some fresh lavender to beautify your garden and keep the deer away, and receive recipes and other information about the many uses of lavender.

Croteaux Vineyards specializes in Rose Wine. The affiliated Farmhouse Kitchen Cooking School delights more than 400 students, from beginners to experts. Idyllic barnyard, vineyard and tranquil gardens include herbs and vegetables as well as flowers and the vineyard.. Paula Croteau will provide Rose tastings, food tastings and recipes, as well as opportunity to view her beautiful gardens.

Specialties at A Taste of the North Fork include jars of scrumptious jams, jellies and other taste delights in a jar. Chutney, mustards, marmalades and relish, desserts and many other items can be artfully gift wrapped for your favorite hostess.

If you love oysters, you might want to visit Pipes Cove Oysters where you will learn how the shellfish are grown and harvested and how to shuck (and even eat) them.
Koppert Cress is known around the world for producing micro-vegetables with exceptional tastes, colors and flavors plus herbs used for medicinal purposes and edible flowers as well as ancient tomatoes. They like to inspire chefs worldwide to create beautiful new dishes.

Sacred Sweets recently opened its retail facility in Greenport. Owner Miche Bacher takes pride in the natural and organic ingredients, beautifully packed presentation, and delectable quality of her cakes, cookies, chocolates and confections. She will demonstrate and lecture on the art of confection.

Tour the Shinn Estate Vineyards. Here you will meet Barbara Shinn and David Page, the gracious owners of this vineyard and bed and breakfast. They’ll explain about the vineyard’s low-impact sustainable farming practices.
…from a pleased attendee:

"I brought along seven North Fork friends on the tour. What a special day we had. They found these fourteen out-of-sight foodie businesses fascinating and inspiring, run by amazing individuals who we knew nothing about. The experience makes us very proud to live on the North Fork. Next year we’ll bring our children and grandchildren."

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