THANK YOU, ONE AND ALL...September 17, 2011 (via email) submitted/sent by David Bearman

"Jennifer and I are grateful for all the kind remarks made here and using other channels thanking us for managing the conference all these years. It was always your enthusiasm that kept us at it! Now we are looking forward to actually attending a Museums and the Web conference - going to hear a few papers, talk to people in the halls without worrying about the levels in the coffee pots, dropping in on receptions at museums without wrangling with caterers.
And now, everyone, on to your proposals for MW2012. In the next few days Nancy, Rich, Titus and Hiroko will open the online proposal forms. We look forward as members of the Program Committee to reading about your latest online projects and to seeing you at MW2012 in San Diego in April." David Bearman

MUSEUMS AND THE WEB: NEXT STEPS/September 12, 2011 submitted by Jennifer Trant /jtrant/blog/via email

"When we held the first Museums and the Web in 1997, none of us were sure how the Web would develop, or what technologies would be most interesting to museums in the future. We certainly didn't anticipate the close community that would develop around the conference, sustaining itself in various ways online between annual get-togethers. Your knowledge and generosity is unique and amazing; it has made Museums and the Web the international conference for culture and heritage online.
But after fifteen years, it's time for us to step back from the day-to-day management of Museums and the Web. We both recognize the importance of MW to the community, and care deeply about the persistence of its legacy (including the online archive of papers going back to 1997). So it's taken some time to work out our next steps.
We've agreed with Rich Cherry, Nancy Proctor, Titus Bicknell and Hiroko Kusano that they will manage MW2012 in San Diego, with our help. Rich Cherry and Nancy Proctor will serve as Co-Chairs of Museums and the Web 2012; David and Jennifer will remain regular members of the Program Committee. The overall shape and focus of the meeting will not change.
We're looking forward to how Museums and the Web will develop in these capable hands, and thank everyone for their faith and trust in us over the past fifteen years. In the next months, we're sure there will be changes as Rich, Nancy, Titus and Hiroko put their many ideas into practice. We are sure you'll join us in giving them your full help and support." from Jennifer Trant's Blog excerpt.

THANK YOU JENNIFER AND DAVID!/September 14, 2011 by Nohra Corredor/ECOARTNET

"Great work and thanks again for your interest in my work at
Artists appreciate when their voices are heard! You made it happen in our case. Thanks again on behalf of our ecological artists involved in this ongoing ecological art research.
Hope to continue accompanying you in your future paths.

Best, Nohra Corredor, ECOARTNET


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