Michael Flomen
Fireflies and their bioluminescent light

Michael Flomen was born in Montreal,Canada in 1952. He began taking photographs in the late sixties, and has been showing his work on several continents since 1972. Flomen is a self-taught artist, who is known for his mastery of photographic printing. He has worked with many artists over the years, including as master printer for Jacques Henri Lartique in 1975.

For the last decade, Flomen has made photographs collaborating with Nature, using camera less techniques while working directly in nature. With the natural elements, such as various forms of water, Flomen created photographs for the exhibition RISING,TEEMING, and the FRAGILE. With fireflies and their bioluminescent light, Flomen made photographs for HIGHER GROUND, which documented the stellar tracings of their light directly on film. The results of Michael Flomen's black and white large format images are hieroglyphs of an explorer who works with light to reveal what is there, but seldom seen. Michael Flomen has work in the collections of the George Eastman House, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Musee de Quebec, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston , the Norton Museum of Fine Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, among others.

  • EARTHWORKS/Earth Art 2008 Exhibition

  • ECOART 2011 Exhibition/Michael Flomen

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