Ecoartsphere REVIEW 2021 Issue pays homage to Barry Lopez (1945 - 2020) with our
  • Bookhuggers 2011 Selection "Arctic Dreams" which won in 1986 The National Book Award for Nonfiction for his writings about the relationship between the physical landscape and human culture.

    In his own words:

    "I'm very comfortable with this idea that the writer is a person who recognizes patterns and who can re-create them on a page. It's the recognition of a pattern, a structure that can effectively or beautifully suspend something about what it means to be human, that compels you as a writer to tell a story."
    "I believe that a large part of the urge to write comes from a desire to be part of society, to be involved in a substantial way in the fate of the people you love and are in a community with. Like anyone else, you hope people will say your life helped." As quoted in "The Book that Changed My Life", Interviews/the National Book Foundation, 2002


  • Orion Magazine, 2014/Comment by Nohra Corredor

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