BOOKHUGGERS November 2011 Selection

"Wonder Book of the World Progress"
by Henry Smith Williams in Ten Volumes/Illustrated

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    Excerpt from INTRODUCTION:

    "In making the endeavor to bring within such relatively small compass so wide a variety of material, it has been necessary to practise before all else the ART OF SELECTION. What I had in mind is a work as far as possible removed from an encyclopedia--which of necessity covers a multitude of subjects and has less freedom to discriminate between the important and the unimportant. The effort here, on the contrary, has been to make from the outset an interpretation of the value of this or that aspect of knowledge, as compared with other aspects. It will be seen that great stress is laid on pictorical presentation. Many subjects scarcely referred to in the text are graphically presented in pictures. In not a few instances the effort is made to present, at a glance, the entire perspective of the development of a line of invention or discovery by contrasting crude beginnings with elaborated endings. But here again the pictures had best be left to speak for themselves." Henry Smith Williams, 1935


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  • bark of a tree
    CASSELL'S NEW LATIN DICTIONARY/Funk & Wagnalls Company/1960


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