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  • Earth Day and the Artworld is an invitation to consider integrating artworks celebrating Earth Day around the world with the idea of "artworld' developed by philosopher and critic Arthur C. Danto as an addition to the ecological art system.

    Danto's contribution to Aesthetics and to an institutional Theory of Art based on understanding 'art' as derived from what he calls the "artworld" is considered a major development into the quest and research for "what is ecological art" in the 21st Century.

    For Danto, works of art are only recognized and understood as such if they are located within a context which constitutes the artworld, and so, involving, the works of other artists, curators, critics, and patrons of art..."Art is surrounded by an 'atmosphere of theory'. We cannot separate work and interpretation" Arthur C. Danto "The Transfiguration of the Commonplace" (Cambridge, Mass, 1981)

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