As we enter the 21st. century, we face enormous pressure to expand our capacities to organize and understand information in larger and more complex imagery than ever before. We think of reality as global, intimately connected with its elements and processes and/or depending upon one another. Some ecological artists express these feelings and thoughts by establishing new and dynamic relationships with nature and creating artworks capturing this collaboration.

In the 2002 Spring Issue of ECOARTNET our Guest-Artist JOHN FELICE CEPRANO shares with us his perceptions of nature's structures and processes interconnected with his sense-perceptions, experiences, emotions and reflections.

Ceprano's sculptures--temporal, freestanding ecological installations--reveal his aesthetic experience and spiritual journey through patterns of interconnecting reconfigurations emerging from the "wonder" they evoke in their natural setting, at Remic Rapids, in the heart of Canada's capital, Ottawa.

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