PATTERNS of Interconnecting Reconfigurations

Every year in Ottawa, John Felice Ceprano's ecological installations bring aesthetic and sometimes 'magic' experiences for those who discover them at the heart of the Canada's capital. The inside-outside dynamic is always in place creating continuous and welcoming interactions.

The Canadian press has called John Felice, Ottawa's Rock man; his rock sculptures have been perceived by local native peoples as 'healing circles'; and, for him as for many others, the sculptures stand on 'laughing waters' at the riverbank (a constant gentle roar of the rapids is always present) because with the small currents running through the sculptures, the 'laughing waters' reference becomes a reality, not a simple metaphor, as John Felice likes to tell!
"I have always believed that art is for everyone, and by using a common material that everyone is familiar with and putting it into a public place, it accomplishes that intention without compromise. I prefer not putting the work directly into the path of everyday life, but on the edge, so that the person can choose have no contact with the work, view it from afar and get a particular experience, or walk into the space and become part of the environment. I prefer to utilize the information around me, be it mythological or tangeable, metaphorical or literal" John F. Ceprano/ECOARTNET

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