"Geometry is the archetype of the beauty of the world" from Johannes Kepler's 'Harmony of the World'.

"GRAVITY" in John Felice Ceprano's Art"

Old expectations about gravity were framed in some sort of magical context. The Greeks believed the Earth rested on Atlas' broad shoulders, but they could not say where and on what Atlas himself stood. Today, in the physical world, gravity can be predicted with phenomenal precision but we still don't know "why" masses are attracted to each other. After Galileo, after Newton, and even after Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, gravity remains the most mysterious force in nature. Artist John Felice Ceprano and his sculptures invite us to "wonder" into the beauty of this unknown

"Because the sculptures are built in the water, their mass and shape in tandem with the currents and force of the river determine the placement of each rock as well as its required strength. The Ottawa River is very dynamic and ranges from a ragging white water rapids in the spring to a gentle lake-like appearance in late fall. In winter, the river rises and ice forms.
The natural physics of each rock in the sculpture has to follow its own nature. Although a particular rock will attract my attention, it will only do what it can. I may work for three or four hours with a rock before I give up on it. If a rock cannot do what I want, it just won't do it. Therefore, there is a "dialogue" and the rocks have the determining resolution on my intention. I never head into the water with a preconceived idea because I have to rely on the found rocks to tell me where they should go.
A personal reference to my work is 'The Art of Balance'. I have identified my "process of moving" these large masses as a form of T'ai Chi: my body becomes a tool, a unified energy system where the entire body is one force. I literally wrap my body around the form of the rock and thus move it in one unified movement. This energy system resource, working both internally and externally is defined in physics and engineering as well as in the writings of Lao Tsu and the I Ching.
Once the rocks are assembled and balanced, they are shimed with small wedged rocks thus stabilizing the structure. The shims are 'banged' into place so the connection is solid and stable: safe enough for public interests. Lately, expoxy and metal rods are used to provide a secure and playful environment for the public, while still maintaining its temporal structure."John F. Ceprano

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