From Nohra Corredor, Editor:
"Harmony is not an ending of conflict, it is a tension in which neither element definitely wins, but both function indispensably..." "You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters are ever flowing on to you" Heracleitus of Ephesus.


Nature's materials, the river, seasonal processes and cycles, each and all impact from the start Ceprano's ecological installations. Although his constructs to achieve 'balance' are offsets to the forces of nature, John Felice works with nature and does not engage, unlike Sisyphus, in an endless and futile struggle. He makes a virtue out of necessity. By reconfiguring his alternatives and possibilities, he is able to work with gravity, space and time in particular, and achieves an integral collaboration with nature:
"The importance of the 'temporal-ness' of the work is manifold. First, the rocks being unattached and free-standing are a reflection on the non-attachment principle (each winter season the work is dismantled by nature) and at the same time they foster the idea of 'letting go and 'moving on'. Second, the rocks remain 'in situ' for the following year, for the continued exploration and development of the concepts and the craft reaffirming my personal philosophy of "go do", which works in any medium.
'Balance' and 'rapport' within each sculpture as well as with the environment around it, help to establish and enhance the presence of the reconfigured space in such a way that everything fits together, as naturally as possible, and the site has not been altered any more so than the rocks being used.
Each element has its own contribution to the formation of the work: each rock has its physics and determines the possibilities of its use; a static bond between energy and mass is created by the way the stones are assembled and stabilized; the river flows through each sculpture and stone creating currents of energy and sound; sky above gives infinitive depth; with every passing moment the sun's light and shadows create a different perception of the same structure; the earth is the source and the foundation".John F. Ceprano

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