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    From the Chelsea Art Museum


    Perpetual Art Machine
    August 8th-September 7th
    Curated by Nina Colosi

    Perpetual Art Machine(PAM) is a living archive and research project consisting of 21st century international video art which features over 1300 works from more than 700 artists representing over 70 countries. They culminate together in an array of immersive, interactive video experiences. The idea first manifested itself in December 2005 as a collaboration between the artists Lee Wells, Raphaele Shirley, Chris Borkowski and Aaron Miller who shared a vision to democratize the curatorial process by inviting both the artist and the viewer/user to participate via interactive installations as well as online through PAM's free community video portal. In just over one year, PAM has been showcased in 9 countries through installations, screenings and lectures, while most recently being displayed at Art Basel Miami as well as at Scope Hamptons.

    Alongside of the PAM installation the exhibition will be featuring single and multi-channel video installations from the most innovative artists in the PAM community including workin by: Janet Biggs, Peer Bode, Cliff Evans, Wai Kit Lam, Patrick Lichty, Xu Tan, plus others to be announced.


    CHELSEA ART MUSEUM August 11–September 7, 2007
    Opening Reception: Saturday, August 11, 2-6 pm.
    Chelsea Art Museum Summer Party: Thursday, August 23

    PAM Video Roundtable: September 6, 5-7 pm

    PAM will be hosting a roundtable discussion on September 6, 2007 to discuss the current state and future of the medium of video art as it pertains to archiving, producing and collecting video art in the 21st century.

    Along side of the PAM installation the exhibition will be featuring single and multi-channel video projects from 42 of the most innovative artists in the PAM community.

    3 Channel Synchronized Program

  • Janet Biggs(US), Peer Bode (US), Chris Borkowski(US), Andrew Deutsch(US), Cliff Evans(US), Kelly Jacobson(US), Evelin Stermitz (AT/SI), Christina McPhee(US), Nuno Moreira(PT), John O’Donnell(US), Steven Pedersen(US), Raphaele Shirley(US/FR), Nina Teglio and Massimiliano Peretti(IT), Myriam Thyes(CH/LU), Lee Wells(US), Amelia Winger-Bearskin(US), dNASAb(US)

    Single Channel Program

    Beatriz Albuquerque(PT), Hackworth Ashley(US) Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco(ES), Neil Bryant(UK), Si Jae Byun(KR), Francis Coy(US), Andrew K. Erdos(US), Marcia Grostein(BR), Ane Lan(NO), Patrick Lichty(US), Adriane Little(US), Wai Kit Lam(CN), Lev Manovich(RU), Relja Penezic(YU/US), Alexander Renya(US), Geoffrey Alan Rhodes(US), Etta Safve (NO), Molly Schwartz(US), Alette Simmons-Jimenez(US), Sophie Sindahl-Invernesse and Michael Lisnet(US), Marty St. James(UK), Richard Sylvarnes(US), Xu Tan(CN), Mark Tribbe(US)

    Peter Bode, Janet Biggs, Alexis Hubshman, Till Fellrath, Lea Carnevali, G.H. Hovagimyan, Prescott Mckee, Maria Joao Salema, Robert Adanto, Rody Douzoglou, Lea Carnevali, Sadie Weis, Helen Brown, Isaac Leung, Claire Oliver Gallery, Andrea Pollan, Sara Tecchia Gallery, Nam June Paik, Gary Hill, Miroslaw Rogala, S. R. Guggenheim Foundation, Videotage HK, Location 1, Bbone9, IEA, Alfred University, American Library Association, Tekserve, The Rose Group, House of Campari, CTL Electronics, Cycling 74, Scope Art Fairs, Rhizome, M21, IFAC-Arts and all of the great artists that make PAM what it is.

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