PAM "Nordic - Part I"

The Utsikten Kunstsenter is a new arena for art and technology in the south region in Norway. It was established in May 2008. It is not an art centre in a traditional sense. Exhibitions are not be limited to the main room, the 'Multimedia hall', but will influence the space as a whole. An exhibition at Utsikten Kunstsenter includes for example the TV in the hotel rooms where on channel 2 there is a chance to exhibit artwork. In the foyer large projections can be viewed above the main entrance linked to a wireless headphone system. For the upcoming season, in the outdoor exhibition arena, we will begin 'Digital Perspectives', curated programs of site specific works in new media, sound video and film. "Digital Perspectives" will begin with an open competition for artists. A selection of Nordic artists - Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands - curated by Torhild Haugen, Raphaele Shirley and Iris Piers.

PAM 'Nordic - Part I' is the first installment of a series of programs in a rotating exhibition at the Utsikten Kunstsenter. PAM Nordic is a collaboration between Perpetual Art Machine, The Utsikten Kunstsenter and P.N.E.K.


Curated by Torhild Haugen and Raphaele Shirley

Featured artists:

Anne Katrine Sensland
Arne Borgan
Beate Pettersen
Birger Aseson Storas
Bjorn E. Pettersen
Bjorn Erik Haugen
Endre Tveitan
Frithof Hoel
Gjert Rognli
Helle Lorenzen
Hilde Honerud
Jan Hakon Erichsen
Janne Talstad
Johanna Lecklin
Julie Lillelien Porter
Kaja H. Leijon
Lene Baadsvig Ormen
Maren Juell Kristensen
Margarida Pavida
Oda Brooch
Paulo Chavarria
Ulf Kristiansen
Aslaug Krokann Berg

"Still/Crash/Flow" presents a cross section of Nordic video art today. Exploring the selected works through the lens of PAM-Perpetual Art Machine philosophy, the individual pieces are organized according to folksonomies and by juxtaposition in time following the diverse ideas presented in each piece. Spanning various types of works, from abstract to cinematic, from absurd to critical, from performative to meditative this selection celebrates an exceptional group of artists whose unique perspective and approach to video art form a new voice within contemporary art today.


Curated by Iris Piers

Featuring artists:
Linda Persson
Anne Senstad
Etta Safve
Henriette Hellstern Kjoller and Jorunn Myklebust Syversen
Linda Persson, Anne Senstad, Etta Safve, Henriette Hellstern_Kjoller and Jorunn Myklebust Syversen are five young video artists with roots in Scandinavia. Each in their own way, their curious works hold a balance between folkloric and artistic.
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