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  • Dennis Dollens's Project Description(2004)

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    Structures Tumbleweeds Electronics
    by Dennis L. Dollens
    exo--prefix. Outside; external; exoskeleton(Gk.exo, outside of(ex, out of)

    geo.des.ic.2. Geodetic. - n.Math. In three dimensional Euclidean space, a curve whose principal normal at any point is the normal to the surface on which the curve occurs: the shortest line between two points on any mathematically derived surface./The American Heritage Dictionary

    The Tumble Truss Project - EXODESIC - is an ongoing architectural, sculptural, electronic, and environmental exploration of forms generated from plant life native to the Southwest. Tumble Truss forms are derived from the complex-curving branches of tumbleweeds (or the cellular structure of plants native to the deserts of New Mexico) in order to build and study real as well as virtual forms. Physical works are built and surfaced using tumbleweed segments and handmade papers. Combining digital, microscopic, and x-rays images in addition to 3D drawings and renderings, the Tumble Truss Project evolves a view of space and form extracted from botanical life.

    Both physical and digital works are loosely based on structural principles of triangulation (like that in a bridge's truss), giving strength to individually weak branches. The resulting works and graphics illustrate abstract, multidirectional forms that bridge natural and virtual worlds as well as produce experimental forms for the investigation of architectural elements such as canopies, tents, roofs, and buildings.

    Dennis L. Dollens is an artist and writer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is the editor of SITES Online and the author of 'Sites: Architecture 24' by Dennis L. Dollens, Ronald Christ, Editor (March 1992), "Josep Maria Jujol: Five Major Buildings/1913-1923" (May 1994), "TumbleTruss Project" by Dennis L. Dollens, Joaquin Ruiz Millet (April 2000)

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