BOOK HUGGERS February 2013 Selection: "Art in America" Magazine/Literature and Art/Summer 1959
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    BOOK HUGGERS/February 2013 selected "Art in America Magazine/Summer 1959 ISSUE" for its Article PARALLEL TRENDS IN LITERATURE AND ART which was prepared on the occasion of the Corcoran Gallery of Art's 100th Anniversary Exhibition "The American Muse" and included in this 1959 issue of the Magazine. The Magazine's article explores PARALLEL TRENDS IN LITERATURE AND ART as of 1959

    Parallel Trends in Literature and Art

    Excerpt from 1959 Introduction by Henri Dorra...

    "The first five TRENDS relate to the American character as it appears in art and literature. They are: The Cult of Experience; Faith in Nature; Explorers, Wanderers and Exiles; The Haunted Mind; and Social Protest. The Sixth, Creating a Living Tradition illustrates certain expressions of this character in the lives of the people". Henri Dorra, Introduction, Art in America, Number Two, 1959

    Art in America Magazine covers the visual art world, both in the United States and abroad, with a concentration on New York City and contemporary art fairs. The magazine takes its readers into the studio with artists for exclusive behind the scenes interviews. Over the years there has been something of a tradition of commissioning artists to design special covers for the magazine.

    Excerpt from Carol Vogel ARTICLE, The New York Times, November 22,2012...


    The magazine Art in America turns 100 next year, sharing its birthday with Grand Central Terminal, the Woolworth Building and, in the art world, the Armory Show. Over the years there has been something of a tradition of commissioning artists to design special covers for the magazine. Edward Steichen did one for its 50th birthday; Alexander Calder, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Indiana also created covers. For this birthday the magazine is planning many special covers.
    "Rather than put out a special issue, I thought, let's celebrate throughout the year," said Lindsay Pollock, the magazine's editor in chief. Beginning with the next issue, on newsstands Dec. 3, readers will see not only a redesigned publication—the work of the graphic designer Brendan Dugan—but also a cover by a different artist every month for a year.
    The first will be by Richard Prince. Magazine work is part of his past. As a struggling young artist, he edited photographs for Mademoiselle's covers. He also worked in the tear-sheet department at Time-Life, ripping up magazines and delivering the editorial copy to the appropriate departments.
    Mr. Prince has made three separate images for the December Art in America. Two will be split among subscribers, and the third will appear exclusively on newsstand copies. Depicting paintings of the Marlboro Man on horseback — an image Mr. Prince has made even more famous than it originally was — these new works are colorful and particularly painterly.
    Other artists who have agreed to create covers are Cindy Sherman and Urs Fischer. It has helped that the magazine's owner, Peter Brant, is a passionate collector, Ms. Pollock acknowledged, although she said he was not involved in its editorial decisions. Carol Vogel, Excerpt from New York Times Article November 22, 2012

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