The Armory Show at 50 (1913-1963)
The button in the picture was designed by Arthur B. Davis, and it was worn by members of the Association of American Painters and Sculptors, who staged the 1913 Armory Show.

  • The Armory Show 1913 was re-assembled after 50 years, and was opened February 17th at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute in Utica, N.Y. and on April 5th at the Sixty-Ninth Regiment Armory,N.Y. for the benefit of Henry Street Settlement where facsimiles of the original Armory Show button were given out as a tiny reminder of a great event.

    The book
  • "The Story of the Armory Show" by Milton W. Brown was published in 1963 to commemorate the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Armory Show and it is the
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    Also in 1963, The Whitney Museum presented an Exhibition (February 27 - April 14) called "The Decade of the Armory Show: New Directions in American Art, 1910 - 1920" to give a survey of the advanced art at that time in the United States. "Without trying to demostrate anything as neat as "before and after," the exhibition will try to picture in broad terms the growth of modernism in the United States during the decade of which the Armory Show was the chief event--the heroic years of American modern art." Lloyd Goodrich, Director of the Whitney Museum of Art in New York, 1963

    Art in America Magazine/Number One, 1963 published its
  • FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY 1963 ISSUE of Art in America celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Magazine and The 1913 Armory Show 50th. Anniversary in one single ISSUE.

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