Teresa Cuellar TEYE On-line Exhibitions

2015 online Exhibition UPDATE:

  • FIFTH SEASON Magazine/SPRING 2015/POETRY MONTH/Women's History Month Celebrations

    Fifth Season Gallery presents:

    GUEST ARTIST: Teresa Cuellar TEYE


    "I have painted for more than thirty years; what I call "almost alive natures"; accumulation of flowers and fruits which do not imitate real ones, but are based on them to establish their essence. I play with lines of light, shadowed half dyes, and reflections which are like the real ones, but which obey no model.
    I love spending many hours in modeling volumes whose roundness is established by grades of intensity. I use the liberty of modern art but it does not oblige me to forget the virtues of light and shade, nor the lessons of history. I paint life -there is no other possible, more valid transcription- by fruits; the fleshy fullness and damp space which keeps the seed alive, or by the delicate, fleeting and colorful, magic space of vital activity which is the flower.
    Nothing is more changeable and transitory than life. I am amazed by this intimate miracle, I transfer to canvas or paper -to find my strength- my own sensuality, in order to respect this mystery, and make use of my capacity to see.
    I have a tender love for the forms and the curiosity of a scientist. I work to affirm in space that peace is balance." Teresa Cuellar TEYE/FIFTH SEASON ON-LINE GALLERY
  • WELCOME to Teye's "Poetic Derivatives" Celebrating POETRY MONTH 2006 FIFTH SEASON MAGAZINE: Spring 2006 ISSUE

    DERIVE, Trace, Deduce: From the Latin 'de' and 'rivus', a river, signifies to draw, after the manner of water, from a source. TRACE, originally signified the mark left by drawing something across a surface, or the act of making such a mark. DEDUCE, in Latin 'de' from, and 'ducere' to lead, signifies to bring from.
    The idea of drawing one thing from another is included in all the actions designated by these terms.



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