TERESA CUELLAR Teye Bogota, Colombia
Teresa Cuellar began using the professional name TEYE at the suggestion of her lifelong friend and fellow colombian artist Fernando Botero.

Teye chooses the objects she paints from the grounds of her family's villa in Chia, Colombia, a beautiful spot in the hills located an hour from Bogota. Passion, sensuality, power, and the essence of the feminine are reflected in the stunningly beautiful paintings of Teye, one of Colombia's best-known and most respected artists. She has perfected a style of misty realism which gives remarkable life and personality to the most common objects--an apple, an onion, a flower. Each magnificent object, astonishingly complex and full of detail, floats on a glowing background which projects it forward like a new universe plucked from a garden.

Teye'style has evolved over the years-moving from an abstract figurativism to a very personal form of crisp naturalism. Throughout her career, she has mostly painted still life-fruit, vegetables, and flowers - depicting these everyday objects as luminous, colorful embodiments of sensuous shapes, bursting with life and the suggestion of generativity.

While a student at Universidad Nacional and Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Teye began exploring her trademark still lifes, painting them at first with spatulas instead of brushes. Teye continued her work in 1960-61 at the School of Fine Arts in Rome, where she lived with her husband, Colombian writer Antonio Montana. During this time, she participated in important invitational art salons in Europe.

She returned to Colombia in the early 60s, and began painting with brushes, giving her work its current vibrant look and today Teye is more prolific than ever. She continues to produce her extraordinary oil paintings, which now display a confident maturity and power. A remarkably versatile artist.
  • Teye superb mezzotints
    TEYE's engravings of floral arrangements use similar skillfull methods of
  • Albrecht Durer.

    Teresa Cuellar TEYE artworks have been shown in over 40 group shows in Colombia. Below is a list of her one women shows in Colombia:

    1963 - Galeria El Callejon, Bogota

    1965 - Museo de Arte Moderno, Bogota

    1968 - Galería Marta Traba, "Neobodegones 2," Bogota

    1969 - Galeria de la Alianza Colonbo-Francesa, "Dibujos," Bogota

    1970 - Galería Bellarca, "Hongos," Bogota

    Sala del Banco de la Republica, "Neobodegones 3," Bogotá

    1972 - Sala Gregorio Vazques, "Diez años, Retrospectiva," Bogota and Cartagena

    1974 - El Callejon, "Naturaleza Casi Viva," Bogota

    1976 - El Callejon, "20 Obras Recientes," Bogota

    1978 - Galeria Belarca, "18 Dibujos: Pequeno formato," Bogota

    1980 - Galeria Granahorrar, Bogota

    1981 - Galeria Belarca, "14 Pasteles," Bogota

    1983 - Galeria Quintero, Barranquilla

    1986 - Galeria Negret, "Acercamientos," Bogota

    1989 - Art Autopista, "10 Pasteles and 6 Dibujos, Medellin

    1992 - Galeria el Sextante, "Grabados," Bogota

    Salon Avianca, "30 Años Retrospectiva," Barranquilla

    Centro Colombo Americano "30 Anos, Retrospectiva," Bogota

    TEYE International Showings:

    1963 - Chosen to represent in the "Second Bi-annual Show for Young Artists," Paris, France. - "Exhibitions of n Paintings," Fort Lauderdale, Florida US. - "Exposition de Arte no," Puerto Rico, US.

    1965 - For second time she represents in the "Bi-annual Show for Young Artists," Paris, France.

    1971 - "Arte no," Puerto Rico, USA.

    1972 - Galería El Morro, "Diez Pintores nos," Puerto Rico, USA.

    1982 - Christie's Gallery, "Latin American Auction," New York, New York, USA.

    1983 - Christie's Gallery, "XIX and XX Century Latin American Painting," New York, New York, USA.

    1985 - "Arte no Contemporaneo," Moscow and Leningrad, USSR.

    1986 - Two of her painting are part of a museum tour through Europe and US, "Espacios Itinerante"

    1986 - Christie's Gallery, "Latin American Auction," New York, New York, USA.

    1989 - Christie's Gallery, "Latin American Auction," New York, New York, USA.

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