Field Work-Part 3
Public discussion on co-production and working curatorially in conjunction with
  • Exhibition Coalesce: Happenstance
    Sunday 22 February, 13.00-18.00 hrs

    SMART Project Space’s current exhibition Coalesce: Happenstance is part of an evolutionary exhibition project, initiated in 2003 by curator Paul O’Neill.
    Coalesce: Happenstance is the final version of the project and is the culmination of a six year research into exhibition-making as a form of artistic practice where the accumulation of actors and actions co-produce a single co-habited exhibition form. The project includes a vibrant selection of artists to take part as co-producers to develop new work in response to each other, and to the overall exhibition structure and concept.

    As a concluding event SPS organizes a public discussion on co-production and working curatorially with
  • Paul O’Neill, Coalesce artist Dave Beech, as well as with artist Marjolijn Dijkman and curator Binna Choi. Coalesce artist Mick Wilson will link their presentations to the discussion that was initiated by SPS in 2008 parallel to the exhibitions
  • Field Work–part 1 and Field Work–part 2

    This ongoing discussion aims to articulate methodologies, critical strategies and ways of curating, from the perspective of ecological thinking in particular. Instead of focusing on the physical aspects of ecology–and herewith potentially directing the discussion toward issues of sustainability in the production, dissemination and presentation of art–the discussion centres on an ecology of ideas. In an economy of knowledge, ideas and images of immaterial 'goods', a dialogue on the sustainability of ideas offers the possibility to think (and work) differently within the curatorial framework.

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