Middlesbrough based Arts Development Agency; Tees Valley Arts is delighted to announce that it has become the Tees Valley Training Centre for the national Arts Award scheme. The Arts Award supports young people to develop as artists and arts leaders and is available throughout England. The Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification at level–1, 2 & 3; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Arts Award is run by Arts Council England and Trinity Guildhall. Arts Council England is responsible for advocacy, access, partnership development and business sponsorship, while Trinity Guildhall takes responsibility for training, registration, moderation, quality assurance and making awards.
Rosi Lister Executive Director of Tees Valley Arts said “The Arts Award is central to many of our new initiatives, providing an opportunity to accredit young people’s achievement when participating in the creative arts. The award represents a real step forward for young people including those who have, for what ever reason become disengaged with mainstream education and need to get back onto the ladder.”

Tees Valley Arts can offer in-house as well as nationally coordinated Arts Award Adviser training. TVA can also provide professional training for schools about to embark on The Creative and Media 14-19 Diploma which is an exciting new qualification for young people in England aged 14-19, who want to learn about some of the UK's most dynamic industries. The Diploma covers a rich range of disciplines including film, TV and fashion. Students of the Diploma will gain knowledge, experience and skills enabling them to master processes common to all creative industries. These Diplomas are a direct Government response to demands from industry for more young people to be fit and ready for today's modern working and learning environments.

The Creative and Media 14-19 Diplomas will have a blend of academic education (classroom based) and applied learning (project based work in realistic situations and/or in the workplace).

The new Diplomas will enable students of all abilities to work towards a high calibre qualification that is directly relevant to their lives and work.

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