Letter from the Editor:

  • Shapes of Sound Exhibition/Fifth Season Magazine
  • 2015 UPDATE:
  • POETRY MONTH 2015/Fifth Season Magazine/Spring 2015 ISSUE

    This is the second of the "GEO-METRICS" SERIES started in 2005 with Symmetries/Fifth Season Magazine/Winter 2005

  • ECOARTNET artist DONNA SHARRETT ecological arrangements explore proportions in Space (geometry) and intervals in Time (music) by combining archetypes of both emotional and physicogeometric expressions.Nohra Corredor, Editor

  • FIFTH SEASON GALLERY On-Line Exhibition
    Photo Image: "Free Bird"/Donna Sharrett with Fifth Season Magazine editor, Nohra Corredor, at Pavel Zoubok Gallery in Chelsea, NYC where a solo exhibition of Donna Sharrett's work was presented in November 2005 and where she is currently represented.

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