ARTE AMBIENTAL and Federico Uribe

  • World Environment Day 2011 Guest-artist

    "Once upon a time, there was a forest with all sorts of different trees of various shapes, textures and colors. It was vibrant, full of life, with myriad flowers, insects, birds and animals. It was so beautiful that Man was compelled to tell stories about what was happening there. He figured out that by cutting trees and making pulp, he could produce paper on which to record these stories about life. So Man wrote about the forest, God, politics and people and soon about anything he could think of: social life, propaganda, self improvement, diet. Now he writes also stories on paper about preservation of that same forest and the life that still exists there, its trees were turned into books. And some of those books became a handcrafted echo of that forest."

  • Once upon a time there was a forest


    ARTE ECOLOGICO with Federico Uribe INTERVIEW


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