• ADAM STRAUS/Earth Day 2006 on-line Exhibition


  • ECOART  CALENDARAdam Straus Long Island,  New YorkEARTH DAY 2006 Adam Straus
    Adam Straus Fifth Season Gallery/ EARTH  DAY 2006 ExhibitionFALL in Long Island/ Adam Straus "Montauk Evening with Stars, Airplane and Light from the Shore"FALL in LONG ISLAND NY/ Adam Straus
    Adam Straus "Winter Moonrise: Long Island Golf Course"SUMMER IN LONG ISLAND  Adam Straus "Habitat"SUMMER HABITAT Adam Straus "Partially Damaged Sea"
    Adam Straus/ FIFTH SEASON GALLERY 2006Adam Straus "Moonrise: Long Island Winter"Adam Straus "Moonrise"/Earth Day 2006 Exhibition
    Adam Straus 2008/"TICK TOCK, DRIP DROP" ExhibitionAdam Straus "The Next to Last Snow"Adam Straus "The Conquerors"
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