• Cilla-Vee UPDATE/December 2014/New York Performances

    Sanctuary Salons bring together an exciting range of musicians, dancers, and other performing artists in a convivial, informal setting. Alongside the core, resident company, Mark Lamb Dance, which will include Mark Lamb, Nicole Pouliot, and Megan Ward, the May Salon will highlight the artistry of the the far-reaching vocalist and composer Kyoko Kitamura, along with pianist Yayoi Ikawa, and special guest movement artist's Deborah Gladstein and Claire Elizabeth Barratt of "Cilla Vee Life Arts".

    Kyoko Kitamura is a significant voice of 'downtown music'. Having performed her 'avant cabaret' songs with Mark Lamb Dance at previous Salons, Kyoko will reprise several of those delights, but will also bring forward Go-Zee-Lah, her collaboration with pianist Yayoi Ikawa, bridging Japanese and American cultures within the context of modern jazz.

    Deborah Gladstein is a mainstay of Mark Lamb Dance. Salon regulars, who already prize her expressive and eloquent dancing, are in for a revelation, as they discover her unique world of compellingly surprising gestures and theatrical immediacy in her featured role during Go-Zee-Lah's performance of their original Peace Requiem.

    Long time collaborator and colleague of Mark Lamb's, Claire Elizabeth Barratt will offer her talents to May's Salon. Claire is an inter-disciplinary performing artist that explores the ways in which the arts can go beyond the anticipated format of a 'piece'. Challenging the common concepts of venue, duration, collaboration and audience relationship considered appropriate; while maintaining artistic integrity as priority over experimentation. Claire will be collaborating with Mark Lamb Dance and Go-Zee-Lah for the evening's performance.

    Performances are always interlaced with conversation, wine and food(much of it homemade), as a lovely church just off Times Square transforms itself into the most stimulating of New York nightspots. Be prepared for fun, while a community of artists and arts lovers further creates itself in a unique and elegant setting.

    As one audience member wrote,"Congratulations for the beautiful offering that fully nourished my senses, presented with such love, brilliance, spontaneity, and community warmth."

    Saturday, May 14th, at 7 p.m., at Metro Baptist Church, 410 West 40th Street, for Mark Lamb Dance, Deborah Gladstein, Claire Elizabeth Barratt of Cilla Vee Life Arts, Kyoko Kitamura and Go-Zee-Lah


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