RedSonic is an annual festival dedicated to exhibiting sound as an artistic medium and encouraging an active listening experience. The ten-day festival includes live performances, exhibitions, presentations, workshops and lectures by major artists and acknowledged practitioners in the field of sound.

RedSonic Zero Edition (January, 2012) presented outstanding international artists including Michel Chion, Jonty Harrison, David Toop and A Guy Called Gerald. RedSonic returns to the Red Gallery for its First Edition from the 11th – 21st April 2013 bringing together an innovative program of experiments in sound.

RedSonic deals with a range of concepts dating from the early Twentieth Century onwards, including musique concrete, electronics, electro-acoustic, acousmatic, ambient, soundscape composition, sound-poetry and phonography. The programme contains artists from around the globe in order to represent the many varied forms of artistic expression, which use sound as a central element. The festival embraces new technologies, appropriated through ideas such as acoustic ecology and acoustics studies, and theories on the complex nature of listening itself. These ideas are demonstrated by artists, performers, cross-over creators, inventors and lecturers, through discussions about their practice and the sharing of ideas, as well as through performance.

Ultimately, sound and the listening experience, central to all these practices, requires dedicated attention. To address this, RedSonic uses a high-quality multi-channel diffusion sound system so as to provide the best possible platform for the expression and appreciation of sound. Dynamic range and sonic detail are brought into sharp focus in this multi-layered sonic system.

RedSonic is a project devised by Gergely Konrády and Aquiles Pantaleão in collaboration with the Red Gallery, London.


    Redsonic, Red Gallery and Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST) Proudly present : RedSonic – First Edition 2013

    We are excited to finally announce dates and confirmed line up of RedSonic – First Edition 2013. This year the festival will take place between the 11th-21st of April 2013.

    For this year’s RedSonic we have linked up with the ground breaking Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre – BEAST - under the leadership of Jonty Harrison, whose name needs no introduction in the field of Acousmatic Music.

    BEAST will be transporting down to London their unique sound system, driven by their dedicated “spatialisation” tools that provide listeners with an amazing and unique listening experience. We will also have a selection of some of their best BEAST composers performing throughout the festival.

    RedSonic First Edition 2013 is honoured to announce that this year’s special guest is the illustrious Mr François Bayle – one of the most distinguished and influential electronic music composers of the 20th century. Mr Bayle will be performing two full programmes on April 19th 2013.

    List of confirmed artists:

    François Bayle - France
    Jonty Harrison + 10 artists from the BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) – UK
    Rodolfo Caesar - Brazil
    Rodrigo Sigal
    Fiona Curran -UK
    Peter Cusack - UK
    Aquiles Pantaleão – Brazil
    Elinrós Henriksdotter – Sweden
    Gergely Konrády – Hungary
    Agnes Nagy – Hungary


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