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    Sculptor and printmaker. Silvia has participated in numerous public art projects in New Zeland, Hawaii and Colombia, where she now resides.

    Silvia works with natural and basic materials that simbolize ancestral elements and presence; water (major life source), earth or stone, crystal (the light and its references to fire and shadows) sound; alusive to the music in nature.

    From her experiences in tribal cultures of New Zealand, Hawaii and South America, she maintains respect for the harmony and dialogue with the cosmos, visible in her organic and vibrant sculptures wherein volcanic rock from New Zealand or river stones from the Magdalena are exploded with fire, cut, penetrated, and wirtten or caressed with water creating a flow of life and nature.

    The selected rocks of imposing shapes carry with them the significance of being “nanas” (wise women of the earth) 'there in silence, perhaps knowing it all' are mounted in tall totem like constructions correlating opposing materials (fabricated by man) that converse in a dynamic sense of synergy between generations and cultures.


    1998 –2000 Javeriana University, Bogota, Colombia, Professor of art and sculpture
    1992-97 Wellington Polytechnic/Victoria University, School of Design: Lecturer in Basic Design Studies - Coordinator of Printmaking Department. Lectured in computer graphics for VCD and Textiles, as well as 2/3 Dimensional Design Study, and Creative Processes.
    1992 Na Kii Opio Project: Worked as a volunteer 'one on one' photography instructor for a temporary special project designed to service homeless children of Hawaii in the art of photographing. The work of over 100 children was displayed in a traveling show throughout Hawaii.
    1989 Visual Arts Hawaii. Designed a special project with autistic young kids. Developed strategies for working with handicapped individuals to achieve a team-painted "mural" on canvas. Participants produced an 18'x8' painted work of art.
    1988 Youth Program Specialist for a city-granted project under the Samoan Service Providers Agency. Assisted in developing and structuring Kalihi Teen Program, an after-school job training and life program for Kalihi teenagers. Hired and trained the project coordinator and wrote a `manual for future programs of its type.
    1987-88 Work Hawaii Summer Youth Project. Worked during two summers as artistic director leading a team of ten teenagers. Developed, designed and executed three murals at Kuhio Park Terrace, a community housing project. Also produced a sculptural display of eight life-size, painted wood animals for the African Savanah exhibit at the Honolulu Zoo. We also developed a game designed to educate the public in a creative way about the zoo’s palm tree varieties. This featured acrylic silkscreened signs and game cards which the teenagers researched and produced.


    2007 Water Bearers: collaborative exhibit with paintings by MAGABBY

    1996 "Nga Korerorero-Ongoing Dialogue"-Sculptural water fountain for Midland Park, Wellington. Design and production included seven bronze sculptures and surrounding pool area.

    Washington Square Galleries, New York City. Colour etching series
    Galeria Garces and Velasquez, Bogota, Colombia. Colour etching series

    2004 I Sculpture Bi-annual – University of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia

    2002 Commemoration Symposium 400 birthday Cajica–Colombia
    2001 II Internacional Marble Sculpture Simposium-Brusque, Brazil

    Sculptors encounter for Peace and a War Memorial comemorating the 50 years since the Korean War. Invited as the Colombian representative to carve a granite 3 meter sculpture for the UNESCO Cementary comemorating the soldiers who sacrificed their lives. Pusan, Korea 2000 Cartagena Theater Festival– Monumental coral stone sculpture carved during the festival.

    1999 Escultura Viva' Simposium - San Benedetto de Tronto, Italia

    1998 IV Stone Sculpture Symposium- Barichara, Colombia

    1998 Kupenga Stone Symposium- New Plymouth, New Zealand

    1997 International Festival of the Arts- Medellin, Colombia- Stone carving

    1996 "H2O" Dowse Art Museum - Wellington. Two water sculptures

    1995 Tareitanga Sculpture Symposium- Wellington. Oamaru stone carving

    1995 "International Series" Cook Centra Hotel, Wellington. Stone carvings

    1994 Seawall, Na Pari Tai Moana – permanent museum installation for Capital Discovery Children Museum, connecting the arts and science wings. Multimedia, and collaborative with community school children. Co-artist Reihana Mc Donald. Wellington, New Zealand

    1990 Alzate Avendaño Contemporary Museum, Colombia. Proyecto Colombia.

    1989 Lyman Art Museum, Connecticut. Contemporary Afro-American Artists.

    1985 Dash & Dash Gallery, N.Y.C. Colombian Artists in New York.

    1985 Galeria Dante, Bogota. Colombian Artists in New York (simultaneous).

    1985 Valkomnen Pa Vernissage, Helsingborg, Sweden. 20 Printers from NYC.

    1984 Colombia University, N.Y.C. Women Make Prints.
    1983 Henry Street Settlement House, N.Y.C. Women Make Prints "Inside Out."

    1982 Galeria Banco Central, Bogota. Group Show of Printmakers.

    1981 V Bi-Annual of Latin American Graphic Arts, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    1981 V Bi-Annual of Graphic Art, Cali, Colombia.

    1981 Contemporary Museum of Art, Bogota, Colombia. Young Visual Artists.

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