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"Ultimately it is the female figure which continues to be the personification of life, adopting many forms, and, through them, in conjunction with nature, expresses not only life's celebrations, but also its potential and its limitations" COQUI CALDERON/Fifth Season Gallery

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    Excerpt from Coqui Calderon Interview by Adriana Bianco
    There is no longer any question that women have made an important contribution to the world of painting in Latin America. From Frida Kahlo power of expression to Marta Minujin bold creations, women have expressed their visions and have been part of the region's artistic movements.
    The painter Coqui Calderon is a precursor of women growing involvement in the plastic arts and is a sponsor of the arts in Panama.
    The beautiful Central American country of Panama is a land marked by the crisscrossing and merging of seas, continents, and cultures. Geographically an isthmus, Panama was slated for use as a canal, and its separation into two parts creates an awareness of a divided land-united world, a concept that all Panamanians carry in their thoughts and their hearts.
    Panama also has an artistic tradition passed down from pre-hispanic culture and colonial times which, coupled with 20th century movements, has influenced Panamanian art and driven its development.
    Coqui Calderon studied art at Rosemont College in the United States and pursued advanced studies at the Grande Chaumiere in Paris. Upon her return to Panama in the 1950s, she launched her professional career. She has developed her own style - short strokes of pastels, like bursts of movement - and is considered one of the Latin American women artists who best masters this technique, a technique that is not very widespread in the hemisphere and that she has reclaimed/Adriana Bianco interview with Coqui Calderon

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