"Our natural environment is disappearing, getting pushed into smaller and smaller spaces, often neglected, exploited, under appreciated and overlooked. Nature is important, it is also vital, dynamic and fragile. The figurative combined with the other natural elements in my work convey the idea that leaves, trees, plants, people as well as other forms of life are interrelated and share similar characteristics. All living things grow, move, reproduce, communicate, are recyclable and affect an area greater than themselves.
Most recently, I have been integrating the natural and non-living environments in my pieces in hopes of creating a new synthesis or way of seeing. The goal is to encourage people to think about their relationship to the living and artificial worlds in different and constructive ways.
I am a founding member of C.A.I.R.N. (City Artists in Response to Nature).Kathy Levine/2001

CAIRN was founded in New York City in 1996 and the idea came from a need to fill a vacuum and draw attention to art that examines as well as redefines our interdependent relationship to nature."


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