"American Landscape Video: The Electronic Grove" Exhibition-Curated by William D. Judson

Excerpt from the Exhibition Foreword by Phillip M. Johnson, Carnegie Museum of Art:

This exhibition "marks a milestone both for The Carnegie Museum of Art and for the field of contemporary art as a whole. It constitutes the first large-scale exhibition of video works which this museum has organized. More importantly, however, it is the first museum-organized exhibition of several video installations to be explicity directed toward a thematic consideration. Full credit for the concept of this exhibition goes to Bill Judson. From the beginning his idea has had an unmistakable "ring of truth"/Phillip M. Johnson


Dara Birnbaum

"Will-O'-The-Wisp" 1985

Frank Gillete

"Aransas" 1978

Doug Hall

"The Terrible Uncertainty of the Thing Described" 1987

Mary Lucier

"Wilderness" 1986

Rita Myers

"The Allure of the Concentric" 1985

Steina Vasulka"

"The West" 1983

Bill Viola

"Room for St. John of the Cross" 1983


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